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The Islands, Dahab, Red Sea, Egypt


A shallow dive with a maximum of 20m around two underwater islands connected by labyrinths and lagoons. The coral formation and diversity is stunning, the colours vibrant. Apart from the landscape, you can find Stingrays, Napoleons, Picasso Triggerfish, schooling Barracudas, Crocodile fish and sometimes Eagle Rays and Turtles. You can swim around the interesting rock pinnacles teaming with Glassfish, Anemonefish, Angelfish and Lionfish. There is a third island deeper that can be visited by those good on air. You can exit through a small crack in the reef wall. Perfect dive for photographers and videographers!


Difficulty: * / Tide: medium to high / Level: OW+  / Tec: – / Depth: 20m / Snorkelling: yes / Current: */ Freediving: fun diving

the_island_dive_siteThis extraordinary site is south of Mashraba to the sea side of the Lagoona. Once again the reef platform is relatively wide, so it is best to enter the sea at high tide.  A series of three hard coral pools with sandy bottoms are situated after the small reef edge.  This area consists foremost of massive Pore Corals populated numerous species, including Snappers, Groupers, Black Spotted Pufferfish, as well as a school of Yellowtail barracuda! On occasion Eagle Rays lay on the sandy bottom and glide majestically up and away from you as you swim near. This area too was damaged by the earthquake in 1995, but in such a way that it has created a labyrinth of pools and valleys allowing divers to meander between the coral whilst admiring the rich fauna of the place.

This site is probably one of the prettiest site in Dahab, so don’t forget your camera!

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The Islands, Dahab, Red Sea, Egypt

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