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The Caves, Dahab, Red Sea, Egypt


Or more of large overhangs! Caves is the southernmost dive site accessible by car in Dahab. When the sea is calm, a stride entry off the edge of the reef table drops you on to a sandy slope. On your left a large cave starts at 5m and drops down to 20m. You can continue along a coral reef leading to a sandy patch where you can see Turtles, Pipefish and the occasional Guitarfish. With a torch to explore the caves, you can find some strange Flatworms, unusual Nudibranchs, Morays and giant Pufferfish. To the south of the entry another cave is situated at around 5m with many black corals. The caves are a great spot for wide-angle photography, with pretty lighting effects.


Difficulty:  ** / Tide: high / Level : OW / Tec: yes / Depth: 18-40 m / Snorkelling: no / Current: *

The_Caves_dive_siteThe Caves is the last of the series of sites of wa. It is found approximately 2 kilometres south of Three Pools.  The entry is in front of a small Bedouin Restaurant at a crack in the reef plate. Entrance requires a giant stride off the ledge and into the blue. The Caves are best dived in calm conditions as jumping off the ledge can be quite tricky when there are waves breaking on the shore. Once in the water the cave is directly below you and on both the left and right side you will find a shallow reef. The reef that circles the cave is just as attractive as the cave itself with an abundance of both soft and hard coral. Here you will often spot large groupers, Scorpionfish and Morays. A Tiger Shark has been also spotted on a number of occasions. When you enter the cave, make sure to swim to the back and turn to face the entrance, where you can watch the light shine through the swarms of Anthias and Bannerfish swimming upside down on the roof of the cave!

After leaving the first cave you find a red anemone, one of few in the Red Sea dive sites, so make sure you get a look! Finally, after passing through a small canyon like formation, you reach a sandy slope at about 30-35m, where you can see eels emerging from the sand.

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The Caves, Dahab, Red Sea, Egypt

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