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Sea Dancer Dive Center, South Sinai Governorate, Egypt
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We aim to be the best dive center in Dahab! At Sea Dancer you will enjoy a fantastic and unique diving experience. We assure you that diving in Dahab is going to be some of the best holidays of your life. Whether you want to learn to dive, advance your training or just enjoy the beautiful sea life around Sinai, our multi-lingual, professional staff are here to ensure you get the most from your diving experience. For your non-diving friends, check out the Activities in Dahab section to find information about snorkelling and things to do while staying dry. We hope to see you here diving and having fun with us very soon!

One of the smaller dive centers in Dahab, Sea Dancer is a PADI five star center which has been operating since 2000. We are situated right in the heart of Dahab Bay, only footsteps away from some amazing reefs. Sea Dancer Dive Center offer exceptional diving and training, coupled with top quality equipment and excellent value. This is a goal which our customer’s testimonials tell us we have achieved. We have a passion for the aquatic realm and the natural world, which we would love to share with you. Join us to enjoy the beauty of our reefs, secure in the knowledge that we really care about your enjoyment and safety, balanced with a genuine desire to preserve our natural environment. We are here because we love Dahab, we want you to love it too!

Why Us?

With so many dive operators now in Dahab it may be daunting to know how to choose the right one. Over the years we have established a reputation for friendliness, professionalism, quality equipment, environmental awareness and above all, excellent safety standards. We offer a far more personal atmosphere than most centers; to us diving is a passion, not just a business.


Our professional, knowledgeable, friendly and experienced guides turn a good dive into a great dive. Don’t just Hope for the Best!


Good, well maintained dive gear and tanks are essential for a great diving holiday. At Sea Dancer we plough back much of our money into ensuring you get the best rental equipment, cleanest air and highest level of security possible.

Group Size

Diving in small groups is always safer and more enjoyable. We keep our group numbers small and ensure that you dive with others of a similar ability.


Combine the above factors and your diving holiday will be a much more rewarding and more fun.

Safety and Environment

The days are gone when diving was regarded as a dangerous activity. That’s not say there are no risks involved, of course there are, but most risks are easy to avoid with good equipment, good dive practices, professional staff and adherence to local and international diving federation rules. In over ten years Sea Dancer has never had a serious incident, we intend to keep things this way.Some divers kill coral. Not a nice fact, but true. With correct buoyancy control, obeying local laws and paying close attention to briefings you can make sure your interaction with the reef is not harmful to either you or the reef. Sea Dancer Dive Center Dahab welcomes safe, environmentally aware divers. Risk takers and coral collectors need not apply.

The Crew

A dive center is a living, breathing, evolving thing within a very dynamic industry. Typically team members come and go as they move on to discover what else the diving world has to offer or to make lifestyle changes. At Sea Dancer we have had a very stable crew over the years and now find that many of our diving professionals have grown up from within, some starting from doing a humble intro, to now being instructors.It’s great when people can return to Dahab after several years to find the same faces, but even if those faces have changed, you can be sure that, at Sea Dancer, we always insist on the highest levels of professionalism, knowledge, personality, and fun!

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Sea Dancer Dive Center, South Sinai Governorate, Egypt

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