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Ras Abu Galum, Dahab, Red Sea, Egypt

Ras abu Galum National Park is about 15km north of Dahab and is reached by camel (daily or overnight) and boat (daily). The usual trip starts early morning with a drive to the Blue Hole then hoping on your camels for a 90 min ride north to the Bedouin huts. Your camel will also carry your tanks and scuba gear on the way. Upon arrival, you will be served Bedouin tea and you will be assigned a hut to keep your personal belongings.

Undisturbed from mass tourism, Ras abu Galum offers around 6 different dive sites perfect for all types of divers, beginners or pro. If you want to get the most out of the trip, stay overnight, plan for 4 or 5 dives (night dive), enjoy the simple and delicious Bedouin food and watch the falling stars at night, a great escape! The diving is fantastic, the coral pristine, with the possible sightings of Turtles, Mantas, Octopus, strange-shaped sponges and big pinnacles with a great variety of reef fish.


Difficulty: * / Tide: – / Level: OW+ / Tec: yes / Depth: 18–50 m / Snorkelling: yes / Current: **/ Freediving: fun diving

North Ras Abu Galum

There are numerous dives at Abu Galum, however north Ras Abu Galum is probably the most beautiful and is not to be missed. It is situated approximately 8 kilometres North of the Blue Hole, connected via a path along the shoreline, and accessible by camel, boat or on foot. North_Ras_Abu_GalumAlternatively it can be reached by four wheel drive though the splendid Wadi Rasasa.

The dive offers a fantastic opportunity to observe beautiful underwater landscapes with huge hard coral blocks, table coral and soft coral. It is home to an abundance of colourful fish, including Snapper, Butterflyfish, Angel and Glassfish to name just a few.



South Ras Abu Galum

South Ras Abu Galum is situated close to the Bedouin village of El Omeyid at the end of the track connecting to South_Ras_Abu_GalumBlue Hole. A great abundance of Salad coral, massive pore coral and madrepore coral await you on this dive.  The water is pristine and visibility is optimum. This is shallow dive with a maximum depth of 15 metres.






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Ras Abu Galum, Dahab, Red Sea, Egypt

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