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Nirvana Indian Restaurant

Nirvana Restaurant, Lighthouse, Dahab, Sinai
Call us anytime +20693641933
Smoking Area Outdoor Seating Vegetarian Menu Ground Floor Building Level:1st Floor

We are pleased to offer you a variety of traditional Indian meals prepared to the exacting standards of our native Indian Head Chef. From our separately prepared vegetarian fare to a myriad of exotic chicken curries,  we emphasize Freshness, Quality and Imported Indian Spices. All of our items from our paneer (homemade Indian cheese), our infamous chai, our chicken tikka masala, to our ice cream is 100% homemade and guaranteed to satisfy.  Due to our cultural beliefs, beef is not on the menu and similarly as a diving school we refrain from eating fish, nevertheless we have a full menu of tantalizing items, so take your time and try them all…. You won’t be disappointed.

Wi-Fi Asian Menu Free Parking
2 Reviews
  • "Good ambiance, good service, average food"

    The food is quite good, the quantity isn’t too much but the quality is high. Although the menu is a little bit short.

  • "fantastic food"

    i love this place

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Nirvana Restaurant, Lighthouse, Dahab, Sinai

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