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Moray Garden, Dahab, Red Sea, Egypt

Moray Garden and Golden Blocks

To the south of Dahab, you will find Moray Gardens, and Golden Blocks, both beautiful dive sites suitable for all abilities. Moray Gardens is also known as Sharks Caves, however there are neither caves nor sharks can be found at the site, but instead one can expect to see Giant moray eels!


Golden Blocks gets its name from the two golden coloured hard coral towers which can sometimes be seen from the surface at low tide. This site is characterised by the numerous pinnacles and madrepore, look closer and see what you can find!

Once again, don’t forget your camera!


Difficulty: ** / Tide: – / Level: OW-AOW / Tec: yes / Depth: 18-55 m / Snorkelling: yes / Current: ** /Free-diving: fun diving

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Moray Garden, Dahab, Red Sea, Egypt

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