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Lighthouse, Dahab Lighthouse, Dahab, Red Sea, Egypt


Is the central spot in Dahab, offering fantastic dives as well as ideal conditions for courses, from beginner to deep courses. The dive site is just 3 min walk from the dive centre. The reef offers plenty of diversity between its pinnacles, reef slopes and reef wall. Napoleon Wrasse, Turtles, big Groupers, Octopus, Worms and colourful Nudibranchs are not uncommon.  Lighthouse is also the perfect night dive site if you want to see Spanish Dancers and Hermit Crabs for example. For Tec Divers, this site offers great conditions for training and exploration at different depths.


Difficulty: * / Tide: – / Level: OW+  / Tec: yes / Depth: 18-60 m / Snorkelling: yes  / Current: * / Freediving: fun diving & training


Lighthouse is situated on the Northern point of the Assalah Bay, in the area known as Masbat.  The entrance from the beach is easy in all sea conditions.  The dive brings you to the furthest part of the bay descending to a depth of 25 metres.  The Western side has a sandy bottom with hard coral towers, whilst the Eastern side follows the edge of the reef undulating over and through cracks caused by the earthquake back in 1995.  This whole area is colonised by Puffers, Parrotfish, Lionfish and Groupers with the occasional Octopus, and if you’re lucky, even a turtle!



At the southern end of Dahab bay is “Mashraba” reef, often overlooked as a dive site, yet home to a rich variety of fauna and flora. The sandy slope leads to a magnificent “bommie” called Roman’s rock. Head south over some impressive formations before coming to a family of beautiful table coral at around 20 meters. Providing the diver has sufficient air, you continue on to an impressive gorgonian fan, before turning at a pinnacle swarming with glass fish and Antheas, then returning along the shallow reef.


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Lighthouse, Dahab, Red Sea, Egypt

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