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Canyon, Dahab, Red Sea, Egypt


This very popular and spectacular dive site is located 15 min north of Dahab. The Canyon is a big crack in a beautiful coral garden, similar to a slightly opened shell. You can enter the Canyon at a depth of 20 m (minimum AOW). The bottom of the Canyon is at 30 m at this point, but continues to get narrower and deeper towards the outside of the reef (to 55m, for Tec Divers). In the opposite direction there is the “Fishbowl”, a small grotto full of Glassfish. Due to the fact that the Fishbowl was suffering from the amount of divers in the past years, it was closed for diving at the end of 2007. Napoleons, Octopus and Stingrays are common in the coral garden surrounding the Canyon. For Tec Divers, the Canyon can be dived at different depths: 40 m (also for deep courses) but if you want to do “the full Canyon”, you need to be qualified as Extended Range diver. You exit through a small crack at 55 m and then come up along the wall outside the Canyon.


Difficulty: ** / Tide: – / Level: OW-AOW / Tec: yes / Depth: 18-55 m / Snorkelling: yes / Current: ** /Free-diving: fun diving

canyonThe Canyon is approximately 1 ½ kilometres south of the Blue Hole.  The access to this site is very easy over the shingle beach.  You need to cross the reef platform before you reach the lagoon that then opens to the sea.  It is best to start this dive at high tide to avoid damaging the reef. The sandy lagoon has an average depth of about 3 meters and is inhabited by a rich fauna comprising of Goatfish, Butterflyfish, Dominos and Pullers.  On its’ western point there is a saddle serving as an exit and entry point to the sea.  Swimming on, you will pass a colourful coral garden to your left.  This you will view on your return from the Canyon.  As we approach the Canyon itself, air bubbles pour from the sea bed.  This is a wonderful site and kind of like swimming through Champagne! Descending down into the Canyon, you will reach a sandy bottom, approximately 28 metres below you. Look up and admire the light effects caused by the sun rays.  The Canyon itself drops back behind you to a depth of 54 meters, but we head north where a cave opens up at a depth of approximately 17 to 18 metres which accommodates a dense school of Glassfish.

As you look up, the light glistens off the fish, making this a truly magnificent site!


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Canyon, Dahab, Red Sea, Egypt

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