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My journey into this venture started as a 5 days scuba diving trip in Dahab. Dahab unlike other parts of Egypt has its magical charm surrounded by red mountains and the red sea.The individuals living and working in Dahab also enjoys meeting travelers through their stories and cultures. Most locals have a hard time traveling outside Egypt due to many reasons(financially and politically) so living in Dahab was the closest to traveling outside Egypt. I remembered the first day I met Amr who was then working at a sandwich shop. Many tourists and locals have recommended the sandwich shop that Amr worked, first for his good looks as he was known as ‘James Franco” of Egypt and secondly his signature chicken sandwich that he created. Besides his good looks, Amr showed interest in learning new food and was curious about cuisines outside Egypt.

He gave me inspiration to recreate dishes from Asia using spices only found in Dahab and to fulfill my mum’s dream as a chef. Amr at the same time was inspired by his late dad’s recipes who was a renowned chef in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Together we both connected through the love of food and whats even better we took over the restaurant where Amr worked as a sous chef. Hence the birth of BoxMeal.

BoxMeal is a tiny kitchen located near lighthouse area. The aim of our restaurant is to preserve knowledge of Floui’s mother and her grandmother’s cooking, share culture and tradition of South East Asia along with Amr desire to showcase his ability to cook and create dishes unfamiliar to him.

Hence our love and passion for cooking has allowed Floui and Amr to kickstart this project in a perfect small town where a mix of foreigners and locals who are eager to experience something different in culture and heritage. Today the spices used are carefully handpicked by Floui’s mum and fellow chefs from her home – tried, tested and perfected to bring you closer to where her heart belongs.

Box Meal

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In House Menu

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