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Blue Hole, Dahab, Red Sea, Egypt


The Blue Hole is one of the most famous dive sites of the Sinai. From Dahab you can go there by car within about 20 minutes. The Blue Hole is a hole in the reef with walls dropping down to more than 100 m. At a depth of 50 m is the Arch, connecting the blue hole to the blue outside of the wall. The Arch can only be dived by Tec Divers. The top of the outside wall of the Blue Hole is a beautiful coral garden.

Usually, you begin the dive at the Bells, which is a deep cut in the reef top 100m north of the Blue Hole. You descend in a crack, through a chimney exiting at 27m in the blue.  Drift along the wall where attractive overhangs with a rich growth of black coral enhance the drop off. Look left into the blue and you may catch sight of Trevallies and an occasional Turtle or Shark (Hammerhead, Whale shark or oceanic white tip). Inside the Blue Hole, check out for strange Nudibranchs and hiding Batfish, as well as for the many freedivers who chose this sheltered spot to train to deeper depths.

For Tec Divers, the dive can be done by entering at the Blue Hole, dropping down to the Arch (60 m), going through and getting up on either side of the wall. You can also tec dive deeper at the Bells, but carrying the equipment there is more of a challenge!


Difficulty: ** / Tide: – / Level: AOW+ / Tec: yes / Depth: 18–60+ m / Snorkelling: yes / Current: ** / Freediving: yes, training

El Bells
a spectacular dive situated just a short walk North from the famous Blue Hole.  Entry is through a crack in the reef. This is followed by a vertical descent through an ancient volcanic fissure which forms the shape of a bell, from which the site gets its name. Sunlight pours in through the fissure making this a truly spectacular entry to a dive.  At 30 metres, you exit the fissure into ‘the blue’ and drift dive alongside a wall towards the Blue Hole, gently ascending as you go. You enter the Blue Hole via the ‘Saddle’ and make your way across it before exiting at the other side.
Blue HoleThe clarity and the colour of the water is always amazing. The Blue Hole hosts a great abundance of coral, including Star Coral, Gorgonians, Soft coral, Black coral and Anemones (with their colourful Clown fish). You can also observe some giant sponges called ‘Elephant Ear’ before exiting the water to the western part of the Blue Hole. On occasion, looking out into ‘the blue’ from the wall, divers have been lucky enough to spot the Giant Manta Ray as they glide and swoop majestically. The Blue Hole is one of Dahab’s most famous dive sites and should definitely not be missed.
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Blue Hole, Dahab, Red Sea, Egypt

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