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Tattoo While Traveling

I may not be covered from head to toe in tattoos, but I do love them. Every time I travel, I find myself yearning for a permanent souvenir from the local tattoo parlour.

The first time that I ever got a tattoo while traveling was during the 2014 in Egypt. and was looking for something to remember the Dahab city.

I ended up with this lovely world map on my wrist, that I am still in love with to this day.


There are a number of things that you want to look for in a good tattoo parlour and I asked artist Andree Hesse what my top standards should be, at home and abroad.

1. Everything that can’t be sterilised, such as electrical equipment, should have a barrier over it or on it.

2. Needles should always be single use, packaged and sterilised. Needles should be opened and disposed of in front of the customer (seriously–ask for this!)

3. Tubes and grips should also be properly sterilised, opened in front of the customer, and properly disposed of following the tattoo.

4. A record of spore tests results are always a definite plus, but vary due to numerous health board regulations in different provinces, states or countries.


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